Invoice Payment Gateway For WooCommerce-Guide

Installation Guide #

  • Login to your WordPress Admin panel 
  • Navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Next, click the Choose file button in the box that appears below.
  • Select the zip file that you have downloaded and upload it.
  • Click on the Activate Plugin button.

Getting Started #

  • Once installed, the admin must enable the payment gateway to do that, navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → wooCommerce → Settings → payment.
  • A new window will appear on the next page select Payment.
  • Toggle and turn on the Invoice Payment Gateway for WooCommerce .
  • Now click the Save changes Button.

Front End Impact #

  • Once the user added the product to the cart.
  • Now the User can access Invoice Payment on the checkout page, click the Invoice Payment, and place the order.

Invoice Payment Rules #

  • Furthermore, the admin can add Rules that can be classified for each user; the rules that are applied will determine who has access to the Invoice Payment options.
  • To add the rules, navigate to WooCommerce  Rules.
  • Now click Add New Button.
  • A page will appear here. Add the desired title for the rule.
  • Admin has the ability to enable or disable the rule through the checkbox of Invoice Payment.
  • The Description field will be a text field. Whatever the text admin inputs, it will be displayed on the front end when the invoice gateway is selected. If not added will show the description included in the plugin description. 
  • A checkbox for the admin to allow users to inform the admin about suitable payment methods or to convey any message. It will be a text box on the front end. When the invoice gateway is selected, the text box will be displayed below the description. The text box will allow the users to enter their messages.

Shipping, User Role, and Product Categories & Tag Options #

  • Admin can select the desired Shipping Method. On which the invoice gateway will display. 
  • Select the desired User Roles and Users under the header User & Role options. Invoice gateway will display to users with the selected users role or selected users.
  • Admin can select the desired Types under the header Products Categories & Tag options. i.e. Product, Category, or Tag.
  • If the Admin selects the Product, the admin should select the Product filter type and Products.
  • If the Admin selects Category, the admin should select the Category filter type and Category.
  • If the Admin selects Tags, the admin should select the Tag filter type and Tags. 
  • By selecting the Include or Exclude checkbox next to the Product Filter type, the admin can specify whether the rules are applied on the selected products or not.


  • This is applied on all Types i.e. Product, Categories & Tags.
  • Include will be used by default if neither include nor exclude is chosen.
  • Select the desired Product.
  • Select the Cart Conditions by selecting All Products or At least one Product.

    Note: This rule specifies that 
    • If All Products is selected, all the products specified in the backend should be available in the cart to enable invoice gateway. 
    • If At Least one Product is selected, then at least one of the specified products in the backend should be available in the cart to enable the invoice gateway option.
  • Select the desired Cart Amount Range and Cart Quantity Range under the header Cart Data.
  • Admin can set cart range according to the cart subtotal. For example, Admin can set the amount range from $1 to $200. So if the user purchases the items worth the value assigned by the admin and then displays the invoice, Payment will be available.
  • Admin can set cart quantity according to the overall product quantity added to the cart. For example, the admin can set the cart quantity limit from 1 to 2. So if the user purchases the items and their item quantity falls into the specified quantity range, then the invoice gateway will appear on the checkout page.

Frontend Impact #

  • However, the Cart Quantity Range is within the defined range, but if the Subtotal or Cart Amount Range is greater than, according to the applied rule, the invoice gateway is disabled.
  • To enable the Invoice Payment user must fall within both the defined ranges.

Virtual Products & Purchase Order Options #

  • Admin can select the checkbox Accept Virtual Products that allows Invoice gateway available on virtual products under the header Other options.
  • After enabling the Purchase Order, User can enter the purchase order no. on the front end of the checkout page with the invoice gateway.

Frontend Impact #

Location Options #

  • Admin can also specify which Countries, States, Cities, and ZIP Codes are eligible for the Invoice payment gateway.
  • This can be set under the header Location options. 

Note: Cities specified are case-sensitive. The user must write the exact spelling to enable the invoice payment gateway on the front end.

Frontend Impact #

Before #

After #