Taking your business to the next level of online success, that is what we aim at WpExperts WordPress Development. WordPress sites are highly responsive to the search engines and help to drive maximum traffic to your website. We enhance and optimize your site’s performance by improving the potential of your server and providing you custom WordPress solutions.

We have developed WordPress custom solutions for the unique requirements of our client’s businesses across the world. We tailor each feature and property of your WordPress site from the scratch to optimize and boost its performance. If you are running a high traffic WordPress website, an informative portal or any web application, we can tweak its functionality and customize it to make it fully functional and flawless.

Our latest and enhanced web hosting and cloud services amazingly boost your WordPress sites performance and enable your business to achieve the desired goals and return on investments.

We optimize your WordPress site by giving it a properly configured theme, plugins, and hosting that creates remarkable effects on your business. We consider each of your sites components as important, that’s why we optimize images, remove 404 errors, configure a CDN, install WordPress optimization plugins, remove duplicate codes and try to minimize HTML and CSS for your convenience.

We provide you well optimized payment gateways. To keep your site away from the risk of hacking, strong passwords and login name is required. By limiting the login attempts and file editing via dashboard you get a secure and protected WordPress website.

WordPress Performance

WordPress websites are highly responsive. That is the reason why Google ranks them high. If website’s page load speed time is less than 3 seconds, they are considered as highly responsive and optimized. But behind a perfectly running WordPress site, there are many WordPress cache plugin that helps to improve web performance.

WordPress Site Optimization

WordPress site optimization is dependent on different factors which include hosting, hardware performance, CMS configuration, software performance, size of graphics, and geographical locations. Whether you are running a high traffic website or a small blog, optimizing it with every possible aspect is vital.

Optimizing WordPress Security

WordPress site’s security is as important as its other features. We ensure removing all the potential security risks of your website to keep it running successfully. We provide secure hosting that has no risk of hacking and other security issues. With safe and highly WordPress security plugins.
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