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Secure WP Admin

Want to lock your WP-admin login screen with some PIN to make it more secure? Then this is the right plugin. Using Secure WP Admin plugin you can lock your wp-admin login form with a secret PIN just to make it a little more secure.

Secure WP Admin Features:
  • Set a password to protect your wp-admin login screen.
  • Set your own logo or use the default logo.
  • Change placeholder text for Secure WP Admin login form.
  • Change Submit button label for Secure WP Admin’s login form.
  • Change Error text for Secure WP Admin’s login form.
Secure WP Admin Utilities:
  • Secure WP Admin plugin secures your WordPress site admin area with password protection.
  • Secure WP Admin plugin helps admin to secure their confidential data. 
  • Secure WP Admin plugin saves WordPress site to be used for any unauthorized activity.

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