AI For WooCommerce – Guide

  1. Install and activate AI for WooCommerce under the plugin tab.
  2. Select AI For WooCommerce under the WooCommerce settings section.
  1. Enter the AI secret key in the required field, then click the Save Changes button.
  1. Navigate to Add New from the Products tab.
  1. Select Description with existing title after naming the product you want to add.
  1. You’ll see a window appear in front of you. You can click Generate description, enter the product’s key features, and alter the description’s word count restriction. 
  1. Your description will be generated by it. If you don’t like the description, you can regenerate for a different response, edit the request as well, and if you do, just click the use it button, and the description will be automatically pasted in the description box.
  1. By selecting the Generate tags button, users can also create tags for their products to reach a wider audience. 
  1. Tags will be generated automatically. The meta box contains tags that users can view.

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