Woo Sensei Analytics

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Woo Sensei Analytics

Woo Sensei Analytics

Woo Sensei Analytics provides you with an instant analysis with the help of graphs right in your dashboard. So that’s easy for the sensei users to view their Learning Management System’s current status. Woo Sensei Analytics is installed into the WordPress website to evaluate online courses progress, class activities, and quizzes for Sensei LMS.

Woo Sensei Analytics Utilities:
  • WooCommerce integration can be applied instantly for a course, whether it be subscription-based or membership-based. 
  • Simple course analysis contains information about grading, course completion, and registration. 
  • It is powered by well-designed templates for quizzes with unique lines, short answer/essay questions, file uploads, and audio recordings.
  • The teacher shows a random test based on a bank of questions before publication. 
  • Quiz grading can be adjusted automatically or manually.

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