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WooCommerce Stripe + Card.js is a reliable, fast, and safe payment plugin that allows a WooCommerce website to easily integrate with the Stripe Connect API and Stripe using Card JS.

Accept credit card payments through the Stripe payment gateway on your WordPress website without setting up a complex platform. Once you install and set up the plugin, your customers can process their cards through the Stripe card option on the site’s checkout page.

No errors, no complexity. Yes! Verify transactions on your website via the Stripe dashboard. They even refund customers’ amounts instantly via the Stripe credit card.


  •      WordPress 4.4+
  •       Valid SSL Certificate
  •       WooCommerce plugin
  •       PHP 5.5 or above

Features of Card Stripe JS For WooCommerce:

– Easily set up, install, and activate.

– Simple functionality and a user-friendly interface.

– Secured account authorization.

– Ability to test mode for payment processing.

– Receive payments for any product—virtual, physical, or downloadable.

– Comfortably accept card payments through the Stripe payment gateway.

– Stripe allows you to refund charges made to your Stripe Credit Card account.

– Stripe enables users to verify credit card information after entering their card number.

– Verify details of transaction through Stripe Dashboard.

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